TechVision+ Inspect is a next-generation platform utilizing intelligent vision in manufacturing products with zero defects. Our smart vision-inspection provides benefits increasingly valued by electronic and component manufacturing companies including:

  • Barcode Reading and Component Identification
  • Component Segmentation and Classification
  • Defect Detection and Classification
  • Component Assembly Verification
  • Component Presence or Absence
  • OCR for Component Information Capture

TechVision+ leverages 2D & 3D cameras that identify and eliminates defective products before they can harm your brand

Our Solutions

2D/3D Vision Inspection

  • Inspection of the product at each stage of the manufacturing process for defects
  • Component Detection, Defect Detection & Classification


  • Ensure that each & every product, rather than a random sample of products, is inspected and avoid rejection and remanufacturing of entire batches
  • Reduce shipment of defective products

Smart Package Inspection

  • Use a machine vision-based inspection system to count the number of items that go in a package at the end of production.
  • Use machine vision to probe whether the product has the right length, width, and color.
  • Pictures of the product are clicked at each stage of the production line and these images are processed for ML analysis


  • Reduce manual effort of counting items
  • Eliminate shipment of defective packages

Reading Labels and Barcodes with Machine Vision

  • Detect Label Text Areas using Deep Learning
  • Extract Text using OCR techniques
  • Verify Labelling Standards
  • Match with Receipts or Orders to detect Wrong/Missing Items


  • Enhance productivity & quickly identify Orders & Shipments with missing or incorrect items

Product and Component Assembly Inspection

  • Inspection of products & Items at the time of assembly for correct assembly
  • Detection of missing and damaged parts


  • Eliminate defective products
  • Improve productivity and customer satisfaction

Intelligent Vision for Better Outcomes

TechVision+ ensures that each & every component, rather than a random sample of components, is inspected and avoids rejection and remanufacturing of entire batches while also reducing the likelihood of defective products being shipped.



A highly regarded power and energy products manufacturing company approached us to leverage our TechVision+ Intelligent Vision Platform.  The company was looking for a solution to integrate into their PCB Assembly Line inspection and QA process.

Key Requirements

  • Need for automating the current QA Process for PCB Component Assembly
  • Inspection of PCBs used for Battery Power Control and Train Collidence Avoidance Systems
  • Involves both robotic machine automation as well as manual assembly stages
  • Small component size and high density of components in PCB requires high manual efforts

Business Outcomes

  • QA cycle time improvement of 60% – 80%
  • Defect detection accuracy improvement by 20% – 25%
  • Rework post-manufacturing eliminated completely

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