Supply Chain

Are there gaps in your warehouse operations?

Intelligent AI Vision for Warehouse & Transport Optimization

TechVision+ streamlines receiving and shipping workflow management, optimizes warehouse and transport space and enhances operational efficiency leveraging Intelligent Vision both inhouse and on the road.

Warehouse Optimization
  • Dynamic Product Storage
  • Faster Item Detection & Verification
  • Real-time Visibility
  • Exception Handling
  • Automated Box Dimension Measurement
  • Workplace Safety
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Transport Optimization
  • 3D Point Cloud Construction of Van
  • Guided Placement and Pickup of Packages
  • Alerts on Unplanned Package Movement
  • Recommendations for Optimizing Space
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“Works with what you have”

Seamless Integration

Easily integrates with your existing ERP/WMS and Surveillance Cameras

User-Friendly App

Works with simple hand-held devices with provision for push-based updates

Operational Efficiency

Designed for high-volume operations where speed & accuracy are essential

Reduce Pain Points & Improve Profitability in Your Warehouse Using AI Vision

TechVision+ helps in improving the operational efficiencies, reducing errors & human dependencies leveraging Cameras and Vision Analytics for automating human activities, providing real-time visibility into operations and tracking spaces, people, pallets and forklifts.


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Our WARETRAC solution enables Complete Visibility & Dynamic Tracking of the Inventory
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Solution Features

Solution Benefits

Operational Benefits

  • Dock door scheduling
  • Optimizing warehouse space
  • Efficiently Manage Exceptions
  • Guided Put Away
  • Outbound order info verification
  • Labor Management for expected/ unexpected shipments
  • Truck load optimization

Safety Management

  • Guided route plans to nearest emergency exit
  • Hand-held alerts for obstructed aisle, man/machine conflicts
  • Notify when workers are still inside the trucks or are exposed to potentially hazardous situations
  • Instant alerts for open doors

Intelligent AI Vision for Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse Logistics optimization leverages Cameras, Vision Analytics and IoT Tags for people and forklifts for both Inbound (Receiving to Put-Away) and Outbound (Pick & Pack to Shipment) processes

We cater to different industries

Food & Beverage




Consumer Goods


Case Studies & Resources

Pick and Pack Optimization

Optimize your Pick & Pack process with Intelligent Vision leveraging Camera & Vision Analytics

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Warehouse Optimization

Automate & Optimize your warehouse operations right from receiving the package to throughout its life cycle in the warehouse and transport

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QC of Packed Goods

TechVision+ Intelligent solution for QC uses Deep Learning to detect and count the items in a few seconds optimising the time taken upto 50%.

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